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About us

Kurt & Friends

Kurt & Friends connects smart money and smart entrepreneurs, to turn sustainable business ideas into success stories. We mainly invest in early stage companies (seed funding).

Some of our board members have been active in the Venture Capital space for years and also understand the needs of more mature start-ups. This enables Kurt & Friends to tap into a broad network of reputable co-investors for the first and particularly for subsequent funding rounds.

Our founders and partners have a highly diverse professional background among themselves. Beyond funding, start-ups can benefit from their strong, complementary networks and their expertise.

The German entrepreneur Kurt Fordan († 2012) inspired the founding of Kurt & Friends.

Our Expertise

Coaching & Mediation:

Public Relations:

Experience in PR strategy, both in Germany, and internationally, encompassing communication around product, and with diverse stakeholders, including the financial community.


Expertise in alternative pricing models and optimization of pricing, especially around product innovation.


Years of hands-on experience at internationally leading management consulting firms.

Venture Capital:

Multi-year experience in analyzing Start-up business models and supporting young companies and entrepreneurs.


Company law, M&A and contract law.

Sales and Marketing:

Successful implementation of market analysis and go-to-market strategies.

IT development:

More than ten years in the IT Consulting space, and roles as Lead Engineer with Start-ups.


Experience with building a suitable environment and support structure for start-ups to flourish and grow sustainably.

We are looking for

The following criteria are important to us:


Entrepreneurs, who think long-term and passionately want to create value though personal commitment.


Start-up teams that pull together and complement each other.

Seed stage

Very young companies (seed stage) during their first or second year after founding, or before incorporation.


Workable product or prototype.


First client or a test client.


Scalable business model.

Initial funding

Companies before their first funding round.

Break even

Start-ups with an overall funding requirements of € 2-3 until break-even; and a maximum of € 250 k for total funding during first round.

What we offer



Active strategic support.


Access to diverse and reliable networks of our founders.


Initial investment of up to € 50 k by Kurt & Friends during first round and support for search of co-investors for first and subsequent rounds.

Our Team


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